Content Survey 2017

Intro & Overview

Last week, we ran a survey in /r/wholesomememes. We received responses from 1069 brave souls who made it through the 15 posts alive. We learned that there are certain types of posts that many redditors don't like in our sub, as well as many which most seem to enjoy. So now we have gone through the responses and have calculated the stats for several types of posts, and we're ready to show the results to you!

Before we start, let's get an overview of how you voted. All in all, we got answers!
If you didn't take the survey, we showed users 15 posts and let them decide whether they would approve or remove each post, or if they wanted to take another action.

The alternatives are color-coded as follows:
Approve Remove Other No answer

Before we even look at the specifics, here's a rundown of all answers:
Here's a more detailed breakdown. Click the bars to jump to posts.